Web Projects
Interactive Multimedia
provided website authoring services to a number of its clients as a natural extension to existing projects: bringing its expertise in interactivity, screen layout and designing effective communication to bear on Web-delivered material.

Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd could provide the following services:

  • website concept development
  • graphic design and corporate identity development
  • screen layout and navigation system
  • search facility
  • database development
  • html publishing
  • content development
  • editing services
  • forms design
  • website promotional services
  • secure electronic commerce systems
  • link enabled Acrobat documents
  • website hosting
  • domain name registration
  • website maintenance contracts

Recent projects

Australia's Cultural Network http://www.acn.net.au/

Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd provided content and data management services to Australia's Cultural Network through ICON Multimedia until 25 June 1999, when responsibility for the maintenance of the content was handed over to the Department.

The Australia's Cultural Network website is a major gateway website funded by the Australian Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. Australia's Cultural Network was designed to be the online gateway to Australian cultural news, websites, and events. It provides a searchable database of more than 1000 Australian cultural websites (more than 450,000 screens of Australian cultural information), more than 1500 current Australian events, a set of 10 Internet development guides for new users of the Web, a Copyright section and a News section which provides news, articles and resources on aspects of Australian life and culture.

Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd was responsible for developing and maintaining content for the site, administering the content of the Events and Website databases, and promoting the website.

It also provided moderation services for the discussion list; sourced, developed or otherwise provided graphics by creating original images or sourcing them from appropriate suppliers.

Online Australia Day Virtual Online Tradeshow http://www.dcita.gov.au/oad/
Online Australia Day was a major initiative of the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE). As part of the Online Australia Day promotion, the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts contracted Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd to develop a website to showcase the various cultural support programs it managed. The site offers a free screen saver, samples from some of the Australia on CD CD ROMs and links to ArtsInfo and Australia's Cultural Network.

Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd provided concept, design and layout services. It also sourced and edited content and coordinated its production.

Coasting on the Web http://www.nma.gov.au/coasting/
Coasting on the Web is a National Museum program designed for the Year of the Ocean. It provides an extensive introduction to the interface between land and sea - the coast.

Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd developed the screen design and navigation system from material supplied by the NMA and built the site. We also implemented the Search function, supplied courtesy of Australia's Cultural Network.

Kastellorizo http://www.nma.gov.au/collections/kastor/
The National Museum of Australia holds, in its collection, a traditional bridal gown from the Greek Island of Kastellorizo. The website describes the significance of the costume and illustrates how it was conserved.

In consultation with the National Museum, Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd designed and structured the website to provide a simple navigation system and a clean, simple look and feel in keeping with the beauty and style of the costume.  



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