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Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned multimedia development and distribution company formed in September 1990 and involved in cutting edge development work in new media.

It is a member of Apple Computer Australia's Strategic Developer Program.

The company offered comprehensive services including design, writing and promotion for CD ROM publishing and website development.

Its staff had a wide range of expertise in film production, computer programming, graphic design, multimedia development and content production.

Over the twelve years of the existence of the company, Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd was involved in a comprehensive range of projects and activities: from consultancy advice through to total development. Some of these projects have resulted in CD ROM products that were sold for a number of years.

As the World Wide Web expanded, the company increasingly provided website authoring services to its clients as a natural extension of existing relationships: bringing its expertise in interactivity, screen layout and designing effective communication to bear on Web-delivered material.

James Steele is the Director.

The company won many awards for its CD ROMs including Australian Graphic Design Association Commendation Award 1998; Australian International Multimedia Industry Award 1998, International EMMA Award Frankfurt, Germany 1996; and several Australian Society for Educational Technology awards.

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