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Investigating Lake Iluka

  • Investigating Lake Iluka
    Investigating Lake Iluka is a full colour interactive multimedia package that will develop investigation and problem solving skills. It uses a variety of investigation techniques, on screen video segments using Apple's QuickTimeTM system extension, graphics and sound to simulate a lake environment. It is targeted at high school level Biology, Geography and Ecology studies. Investigating Lake Iluka was developed by the Interactive Multimedia Learning Laboratory at the University of Wollongong.

Exploring the Nardoo

  • Exploring the Nardoo
    Explore the ecology of this imaginary environment through four physical regions and across four time zones using a captivating and comprehensive set of multimedia resources. Visit the Water Research Centre and join the research staff in an investigation of your choice. Exploring the Nardoo was developed by the Interactive Multimedia Learning Laboratory at the University of Wollongong in conjunction with the New South Wales state government Department of Land and Water Conservation.

The Parliament CD

  • The Parliament CD
    Originally The Parliament Stack, this comprehensive computer-based collection of readily accessible information about Australian Senators, Members of the House of Representatives and Members' electorates has now been updated to reflect the changes from the 1998 Federal Election. Available as a multiplatform CD ROM for Power Macintosh, Windows 95 and above.

Voices from a War

  • Voices from a War
    This interactive CD ROM allows users (especially young people with no direct exposure to war) to discover and investigate four major experiences of Australians at war during World War Two: the Siege of Tobruk, the Battle of Kokoda Track, the Battle of Berlin, and the Sandakan-Ranau Death Marches.


CD ROM products previously distributed


Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia

  • Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia
    The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia covers a wide range of topics relevant to the study of Aboriginal Australia in a strong and positive way. While it recognises the unity of Aboriginal Australia, the Encyclopaedia also highlights the diversity of Aboriginal people in a format that concentrates as much on the current people, events and interests as on those in the past.



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