The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia CD ROM
Winner Reference Category Award
Australasian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association

© Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

The Encyclopaedia covers a wide range of topics relevant to the study of Aboriginal Australia in a strong and positive way. While it recognises the unity of Aboriginal Australia, the Encyclopaedia also highlights the diversity of Aboriginal people in a format that concentrates as much on the current people, events and interests as on those in the past.

The Encyclopaedia is deliberately modern in its appearance and content. As well as topics like music, art and languages, it covers education, literature and media.

As a reference or educational tool the Encyclopaedia is unparalleled and should form a vital part of any primary or secondary curriculum. The interface is attractive, inviting and easy to use, explaining complex topics in simple ways. There are some 2000 entries, 1000 photographs, 230 sound bites (music and oral history) and 50 video clips.

Recommended for Year 4 and up
Available as CD ROM for Macintosh or Windows 3.1+

System Requirements
- Minimum requirements: Colour capable Macintosh computer, double speed CD ROM drive, hard disk, System 7.1 or above, QuickTime (supplied). Requires 2.5 MB of RAM above system requirements.
Windows - Minimum requirements: MPC2 standard computer running Windows 95, 8 MB of RAM, double speed CD ROM drive, hard disk, mouse, Soundblaster compatible sound card, 256 colours, QuickTime (Supplied).

RRP $220.00 (includes GST, postage and handling)

The Macintosh and Windows versions are on different CD ROMs. Please ensure you request the correct CD ROM for your computer.

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