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Investigating Lake Iluka is a full colour interactive multimedia package that will develop investigation and problem solving skills. It uses a variety of investigation techniques, on screen video segments using Apple's QuickTimeTM system extension, graphics and sound to simulate a lake environment. It is targeted at the high school level being applicable to Biology and Geography as well as Ecology studies.

Students can investigate the various ecosystems of the lake, make physical, chemical and biological measurements, collect information about individual animal and plant species and view footage of news reports and expert and local views on a variety of issues.

A built-in "note book" allows students to take notes on the content and save to a floppy disk for later editing as part of a report. Students must use the measuring tools, consult experts and collect news reports to find solutions to the problems posed. Recorded sound and still graphics reinforce the realism.

This product is available for Macintosh CD ROM and Windows 95 (and above) CD ROM
Recommended for Year 7 and up (12 years +)

System Requirements
Macintosh -
Minimum requirements: Colour capable Macintosh computer, double speed CD ROM drive, hard disk, System 7.1 or above, QuickTime (supplied). Requires 2.5 MB of RAM above system requirements.
Windows - Minimum requirements: MPC2 standard computer running Windows 95, 8 MB of RAM, double speed CD ROM drive, hard disk, mouse, Soundblaster compatible sound card, 256 colours, QuickTime (Supplied).

RRP AU$203.50 (includes GST, postage and handling)

INVESTIGATING LAKE ILUKA Classroom edition - Teachers' Resource Kit

This is a new product available in a convenient binder format. It includes a comprehensive set of classroom project modules (activities), listing all necessary materials, outlining the procedures involved and 'after-activity' checklists. We have included samples of material offered in the kit as a downloadable pdf document.

RRP AU$44.00 (includes GST, postage and handling). Note: Lake Iluka CD ROM is NOT included in the price. Please order CD ROM separately.


Please contact Professor Barry Harper at the University of Wollongong about purchasing this product.


Australian MacUser
February 1996

Lake Iluka
The designers of this multi-award winner know exactly what interactive multimedia is all about. Set on a fictitious lake, the students need to collect information to solve problems. Investigate the mangroves,estuaries, open lake or urban area. Use the on-screen scientific instruments, access text and make decisions. A great one for senior secondary Science and Geography classes.

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