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Explore the ecology of this imaginary environment through four physical regions and across four time zones using a captivating and comprehensive set of multimedia resources. Visit the Water Research Centre and join the research staff in an investigation of your choice.

Use the simulators, make measurements in the river, read newspaper articles, listen to audio and view video reports and browse the information in the filing cabinet. Use the powerful features of the interactive multimedia notebook to report your findings and solutions.

Exploring the Nardoo was developed by the Interactive Multimedia Learning Laboratory in the Faculty of Education at the University of Wollongong in Australia, in collaboration with the New South Wales state Department of Land and Water Conservation.

System Requirements
Macintosh - Minimum requirements: Colour capable Macintosh computer, double speed CD ROM drive, hard disk, System 7.1 or above, QuickTime (supplied). Requires 2.5 MB of RAM above system requirements.

Windows -Minimum requirements: MPC2 standard computer running Windows 95, 8 MB of RAM, double speed CD ROM drive, hard disk, mouse, Soundblaster compatible sound card, 256 colours, QuickTime (Supplied).

This product is available for Macintosh CD ROM and Windows 95+ CD ROM
Recommended for Year 7 and up (12 years +)

RRP AU$203.50 (includes GST, postage and handling)

Exploring the Nardoo Classroom edition - Teachers' Resource Kit

This is a new product available in a convenient binder format. It includes a comprehensive set of classroom project modules (activities), listing all necessary materials, outlining the procedures involved and 'after-activity' checklists. We have included samples of material offered in the kit as a downloadable pdf document.

RRP AU$44.00 (includes GST, postage and handling). Note: Exploring the Nardoo CD ROM is NOT included in the price. Please order CD ROM separately.


Please contact Professor Barry Harper at the University of Wollongong about purchasing this product.


The Australian
30th October 1996  

Virtual river of information

The Nardoo is by necessity a virtual river; the data on which it is based is so telling, its creators feel they cannot identify it for fear of legal consequences.
The virtual Nardoo makes up an interactive multimedia package developed at Wollongong University's multimedia laboratory. Last week it won the tertiary section of the Inaugural Australian Teachers of Media International multimedia awards.
The award followed one earlier this month at the International European Multimedia Association Awards in Frankfurt.
The CD ROM "Intellectual amusement park" allows high school students to explore the total ecology of the anonymous NSW river system and report on ways water quality could be better managed.
Developers Wollongong and Apple Macintosh are considering using the Exploring the Nardoo software model to set up similar projects on the World Wide Web based on Wetlands in Florida, the Frazer River in Canada and The Amazon in South Africa.
Project Director and Wollongong Associate Professor Barry Harper said students can use the package to produce long-term plan for water management of the river.
The package - about the released to Australian schools - contains the necessary scientific information about pollutants, chemicals, natural processes, biology and animal species to produce such a plan.
The data - provided by the NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation, which instigated the project - covers the river's history from pre-development days of the 1950s to the 1990s, after it had been dammed and loggers and other industries moved in.
For example, students can take water samples from above, next to and below logging operations, and measure the industry's impact on the environment.
They can enter three simulations: an algal bloom, a whole catchment level water demand management system and a home water-use program.
Using a personal digital assistant notebook, students can access text, radio and archival television footage, and fauna and flora images, to produce a report on challenges set be researches in the form of lifelike characters in a virtual research unit.
Professor Harper said Apple Macintosh would soon bundle the package with its new computers in the United States.
Exploring the Nardoo will sell for $185 for the first copy and $40 for each additional copy through publisher Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd

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