Australia has had twenty-five Prime Ministers since Federation in 1901. The Prime Ministers of Australia CD ROM, produced for the National Museum of Australia by Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd, has details about all of them: their lives and the times in which they lived.

Designed for use by primary and secondary students, Prime Ministers of Australia reviews major issues and events in Australia's political history since Federation. The Prime Ministers of a particular period provide the focus for the history of the time. Contemporary sources on the CD ROM including film, sound, photographs, cartoons and newspaper articles provide evidence.

Biographical details of each Prime Minister, official portraits and other details are included. Text by Australian historian Ian Howie Willis.

Originally produced in 1995 for the National Museum of Australia and the Parliamentary Education Office, Prime Ministers of Australia has been updated and now includes details of Australia's current Prime Minister, John Howard. A powerful search facility has been added, and profiles can be printed or saved as text.

System Requirements
Prime Ministers of Australia is a multi-platform CD ROM designed to run on Pentium or Macintosh Power PC computers.

Windows - A 100MHz or faster Pentium-based PC, Windows 95/98/NT 4.0, QuickTime 4 (Installer supplied), Direct X version 3.0 recommended, 32 MB RAM (minimum), 4x speed CD ROM drive, 16 bit sound card and speakers, 640x480 pixel screen running in thousands of colours.

Macintosh - Any PowerPC processor-based Macintosh computer, 32MB of RAM, Mac OS 8.1 or later, QuickTime 4 (Installer supplied), 4x speed CD ROM drive, 640x480 pixel screen running in thousands of colours.

AU$55 (including GST and shipping). NOTE: additional copies of the CD ROM purchased on the same order are available for AU$22 (including GST and shipping).

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National Museum of Australia Prime Ministers website

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