Stacks of information about Australia's federal parliamentarians
A comprehensive computer-based collection of readily accessible information about Australian Senators, Members of the House of Representatives and Members' electorates that was available from 1992 until 2000.
Originally The Parliament Stack, the product was supplied as a multiplatform CD ROM for Power Macintosh, and Windows 95 and above.

The Parliamentary Education Office will be developing an online version of The parliament Stack at some time. See the PEO website at for further information.

The Parliament CD was an innovative resource for use in education, and by lobbyists, public servants and companies that needed information about Australia's federal parliament. In primary and secondary schools, students and teachers could use The Parliament CD in Social Education, Politics, Australian Studies, Legal Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Computer Studies, History, Economics, Media Studies, Environmental Studies and English Issues.

The Parliament CD was recognised internationally as one of the most significant Australian educational products developed for the Macintosh. Released in April 1992 in versions for the Macintosh (on diskette and on CD ROM) and for Microsoft Windows, it was the culmination of over two years development work, reinforced with on-going evaluation and modified where required in response to feedback from users.

Interactive Multimedia Pty Ltd was licensed exclusively to manufacture and distribute The Parliament CD in Australia. A publicly accessible version of The Parliament Stack, SaMIS or Senators and Members Biographical Information System, was installed for use by casual users visiting Parliament House in three information kiosks for more than four years, with over 500,000 uses registered during that time.

The Parliament CD had biographical details of every Member of the House of Representatives and every Senator, including photographs; profiles of every federal electorate, including map and locality names and, at an additional cost, latest census summary data; election results back to 1993; ministry, shadow ministry and parliamentary committee details; seating diagrams for the House of Representatives and the Senate; electorate addressed for Members and Senators; and more.

Selected data could be printed or exported for use by other applications.

System Requirements
- Power Macintosh with CD ROM Drive, 32 MB RAM
Windows - MPC2 computer with CD ROM drive, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT
Recommended for Year 5 and up (10 years +)


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